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Registered ISO 9001 Ferguson Production, Inc. is a custom plastic injection molder that was established in 1974 in Eureka, Kansas.

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Our employees are highly skilled in the injection molding process and much more.

  Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Our dedication to continuous process improvement is demonstrated by the enhancements we have…


Our fully equipped and expertly staffed in-house tooling department’s main mission is to provide…


The utilization of servo robotics on many of the molding machines reduces cost while improving eff…


One of our primary goals is to make sure your injection molding dollars are spent effectively. This starts…


Ferguson Production, Inc. provides a wide range of assembly and sub-assembly services including hot stamping, ultrasonic welders, labeling, decorating, point-of-sale packaging, direct shipment and JIT to name just a few. We are always willing to entertain discussion of cost reduction through handling efficiency.



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